About Us

Honoris Cars is the result of an overwhelming passion for mechanics and a job in the financial world. It’s been a double life, where the suit and tie of the weekdays gives way to a racing suit and helmet with the arrival of the weekend.

Nice To Meet You

Honoris Cars was born out of the union of a consuming passion for all things cars, bikes, track driving, and of a day job in finance. Friends and acquaintances were soon bitten by the same bug, through advice in the choice of cars, outings on the road, talking shop or even – for the slightly less level-headed – runs on track days.

With time, some ended up asking our help in buying or selling their cars, others developed an interest in a domain they knew little about, and still others bit the whole passion bullet and bought the wheels they’d been dreaming of for years.

With financial markets now turning to extra diversification and people yearning to enjoy life more fully, it spurred us to ask ourselves: why not merge passion and career? And this is Honoris Cars at heart: we bring dedication to what we do, with both the little touch of madness that the car world offers, and the professionalism that finance demands.

This dedication is what we’ll leverage to help our clients to sell their car or find their dream wheels; build, manage and monetize their collection; and – last but not least – bring together in a club a tribe of enthusiasts, to discuss mechanics, car design, burnouts or chicanes, around drinks, on a road trip, or in a paddock.

Do have a look at the galleries, articles, test drives, posts about mechanics and driving, to see all that H-Club has to offer.

Above all else, the Club is there for you, for your enjoyment and entertainment: its members make it tick, so do not hesitate to send questions, comments, suggestions or articles our way, through the site or its Facebook.

Passion is a mix of friends, wheels and engines!

Hugo Reyneri


Engines have always had a large place in my heart. From a very early age I was taken by the need for speed on racetracks. First in karting, and then with cars and motorbikes.

At university, I put my energy into my master’s in chemistry, linking science, technology and the search for challenge. This allowed me to share my time between the weeks in the lab and weekends on the track, before moving into finance in the banking sector as a Portfolio Advisor and Manager in private banks such as Lombard Odier & Cie and HSBC Private Bank.

I now seek to merge my passions for driving, sciences and finance to make our clients discover the same unrivalled pleasure that is driving an exceptional car on the road or track – while at the same time making a sound investment.


Investir.ch, June 2017