Buy & Sell

To find the ideal car that fulfills all your requirements down to the smallest detail but also managing the sale of your actual car at the best possible price. Both from the comfort of your home through fully tailor made services.

Why ?

Our buying and selling capability is geared toward a simple goal: to find the ideal car that fulfills all your requirements down to the smallest detail. Through our own experience, we know that reaching this goal often requires the intervention of a number of different crafts to give the final product the bespoke prestige of a Savile Row suit.

How ?

We differentiate ourselves in our approach by our passion for motor vehicles. We will help you refine your search by widening the standard search criteria and looking at the emotions of driving, the aura of the car or the feeling of a special trim.

Whether this is a high-end sedan, an SUV, a sports car, a race car or an “Oldtimer”, we will be at your disposal to help you source and deliver the vehicle you choose, or to manage more complex restoration or modification projects. Sometimes, however, you may also need to make space in the garage. In this case we can also be of help in selling your car in the best possible conditions by, for instance, making the necessary touch-ups if this will result in a better deal for you than an immediate trade.

Last but not least

Obviously all of this is fully customizable depending on your requirements. Any work done will be through our network of specialist craftsmen (high performance mechanics, bodyshop and polishing, upholstery, detailing, etc.). As standard, our offer comprises :

– Sourcing the vehicle (including abroad)
– Retrieving the vehicle after approval
– Mechanical check-up along with a service (small or full depending on requirements)
– Bodywork (polishing and touch-up as well as repairs if needed)
– Interior detailing (with leather upholstery work if required)
– Issuance of a warranty if eligible
– Estimation of running costs depending on your intended usage
– Registration
– Delivery to your doorstep, including on weekends and holidays

We look forward to receiving your inquiries and requests.

Our stock

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