Investment and passion meet

We will seek to generate a return on your collection, to manage and potentially expand it or to support you to create your new portfolio. We help you to source and deliver the gem you were looking for even if it means making space in the garage. As behind every car aficionado there is someone with other interests and activities with whom to connect and grow, expend you network and share with friends through our exclusive bespoke events.


Collector cars represent an asset class amongst other, allowing owners to bring together passion and investment. You can rely on our expertise to create and manage your collection or the one of your clients according to your budget and desires and especially to get a yield on it.


To find the ideal car that fulfills all your requirements down to the smallest detail but also managing the sale of your actual car at the best possible price. Both from the comfort of your home through fully tailor made services.


Passion is probably the best base to build long-lasting and trustworthy relationships with your friends and your clients. Countryside rides with sports or racing cars, track days’ introduction on racing cars or gourmet rallies: the H-Club is there for you and your enjoyment.