Collection Management

Collector cars represent an asset class amongst other, allowing owners to bring together passion and investment. You can rely on our expertise to create and manage your collection or the one of your clients according to your budget and desires and especially to get a yield on it.


Growing uncertainty in financial markets and decreasing absolute returns mean investors have started looking at a wider range of real assets to provide uncorrelated returns to their portfolios.

These real assets are less impacted by political intervention, central bank action and other events linked to financial markets. Therefore, adding a pocket of these assets to a portfolio provides diversification and uncorrelated returns.

The classic and collectors’ car market is one such asset. And you can now generate a yield on the back of your collection!


Classic and collector cars have seen steady and continued growth in value for well sought-out models. Limited stock and availability, as well as a documented history, make for rarity, which sets aside a model from others and provide a strong downside protection in to its value.

However, finding such models and avoiding traps and mistakes, takes time and experience. This is where our support comes into play. Investing in collector cars has the added benefit of being both a solid investment and of providing the collector with the satisfaction and pleasure of owning and driving these classic automobiles. It’s now time to make your collection profitable with the Classic Car fueled Portfolio.

Similar somewhat to trophy real estate property, classic cars are an investment you can touch but with the difference being you can drive your investment and take weekend tours out to the countryside and cruise and weave through the lanes. Furthermore, these investments are far less legally constraining than real estate and do not carry nearly the same concentration risk.

This is an investment you can make for the long term and enjoy on the way.

Last but not least

In this context, both our financial investment and classic cars’ expertise are there to allow you to build a long-term passionate and profitable investment which has a solid downside resilience by finding under-recognized opportunities that are also beautiful and desirable in your eyes.

This process can take time as we want to first understand your needs – so we can then make sure that you will enjoy your cars while making a good investment.

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The Classic Car fueled Portfolio – Get yield from your collection!

The Classic Car fueled Portfolio


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